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the tables have turned

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it’s not you, it’s me. and me2. and me3. mass effect ruined everything.

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"I was like freezing cold and shaking.Trying not to stare at Kevin Spacey who was right next to me. I was an absolute disaster. I just fangirled. I was just a fan, I just felt like a fan who got to be in this weird.. So nervous, trying not to fall. It was pretty wild." On her Golden Globes red carpet experience.

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get to know me meme – (3/5) favorite video games

The Mass Effect trilogy (2007, 2010, 2012)

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AU wherein Cosima babysits Kira and asks her about skipping a grade (BC she’s a very advanced spawn of Satan/Moses we don’t know yet) and her new subject, biology.

Kira likes her biology teacher very much.

Because she’s nice. And smart. And french.

"I think you could be friends. She likes science."
"What now, monkey, do I seem lonely?"
"No. She does."

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How do lesbians find other lesbians in real life?

Shout from the rooftops “YOU’RE A WANKER NUMBER NIIIIINE!”

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Mass Effect 2: Legion does the Robot.

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One of the great touches on these stereotypically big films is that there is intimacy. Real intimacy. You forget there is a camera rolling. You are in Union Square seeing the woman you love. These are the moments I cherish. I go home thinking, ‘We just lived that great moment’.

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