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Once Upon a Time - 03x03

"I’m honored but there’s someone I need to talk to before it’s too late."


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Let me die as Regina…

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Once Upon A Time: Season 2 Cast Promotional Pictures

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oh my god so we live directly next to a school field where all the sportsgames are played, and in between us is about 10 feet of wood and trees. so i’m in my kitchen and i look out the window and there are two girls walking around between the trees, then one of them squats. she’s shitting. in my backyard. so i started banging on the window and her face omg she ran like a mother fucker.

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Josh Hutcherson leaving his surgery

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there’s only so much socializing i can handle before i get exhausted and just start getting annoyed of everyone and want to go home and sleep or lock myself up in my room and play video games or go on the computer

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Lana ParrillaOnce Upon a Time - Episode 17 - BOOBS

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Best of luck tonight.

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Swan Queen AU

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best of 2011
{favourite people} 

Michael Fassbender
Seen in: X-Men: First Class, Jane Eyre, Shame, Inglourious Basterds, Band of Brothers

“We live in this society where nowadays if I want something, I take it, I eat it – it’s so easy and readily available. When you take all that away, you actually become more appreciative of the things around you. I don’t want to do it again, but there is a level where it humbles you in a good way.”
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