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psychadelias: Hi! Uhm, since you are one of the people here who gif quite a lot, I wanted to ask you if there's a new gif limit (even though I uploaded gifs only a week ago)? All my gifs for my photoset are under 1000 K, but tumblr doesn't post them and keeps showing "Error uploading photo."; do you know what I'm doing wrong here? :/ Thank you! :') 

The Error Uploading doesn’t have anything to do with the limit, it just means that tumblr won’t upload it. I usually find it’s because the gif is too saturated or it “doesn’t like” the colors. That’s why I usually add a gradient over gifs that do that, cause they’ll upload after you put a gradient on it like black and white. :) Hope this helps!

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Anonymous: what is the right size to a picture in a photoset? thanks! 

Check out this blog and it’ll give you different ways to size your gifs for photosets :D

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This is for the anon who wanted the print screen of my gif settings. I can’t answer asks for some reason :/

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Anonymous: When you edit your gifs to set the color and stuff, do you edit each one of the layers or do you do something to edit all at once? Because I've tried to do so and it didn't work ): 

To edit all the frames at once, edit on the first frame. Whatever you do to the first frame will change the other frames along with it :) And make sure your editing layers such as curves and coloring balances are at the very top of your layers so they will change all layers.

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Anonymous: i hope you haven't been asked this before, I mean, I checked your faq, but how many times do you sharpen a gif? 

Just once :D

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Anonymous: i was just wondering how you got the text on your gifs to look so clear? whenever i upload mine they end up looking sort of blurry and unquality :/ do you add the text after you've sharpened your frames or before? 

It doesn’t matter when you add them, it just matters where it’s located on your layers. Make sure it’s the topmost layer on the side because any editing you’ve done to your gif such as coloring or increasing brightness will make the text look blurry and unquality :)

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Anonymous: about gifs: how do you delete text from certain frames of the gif, but not all of the frames? Like I only want 10 out of the entire 20 frames to say the text..? and I already have the text on each frame, but everytime i delete it from 1 frame, it applies that to all of them HELP 

On the side where the layers are listed, next to them is a picture of an eye. The eye means it’s visible. So go through the frames that you don’t want the text on and deselect the eye :D

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Anonymous: How do you "use" a PSD? 

You download the psd, then open it up on photoshop. Then drag the layers used to color the image of the psd onto your photoshop document. Then you can edit the settings as needed :)

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Anonymous: I read your gif tips and your faqs and didn't see this...But how do you get your text in photosets to be so clear? When I make them my text always is blurry when i upload on tumblr..help? I change the size to 250x140 when doing two side by side but it still doesn't seem to work. 

Make sure that your text layer is at the very top of all the layers so that it’s not underneath your coloring. Sometimes that can distort the text and make it look all weird. Hopefully this helps!

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Anonymous: hello, im sorry for asking this but it wasn't in your faq... how fast does your gif have to be to make it look realistic? mine either goes too fast or too slow. 

Hmm, well mine usually move at .1 second or .12. Just play it back a few times and if it looks good, keep it :]

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Anonymous: how do you manually crop a photo? :\ 

If you’re using Photoshop, go to the Crop tool or just press the “C” key. Then you drag the crop hair things over the parts of the image you want to keep.

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Anonymous: How many colours do you use for a gif? 

When I save it? Hmm, depends on the gif really. But I try hard to at least keep it over 128, if it ends up going below that number I edit the gif more.

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Anonymous: hey when you make your gifs and you put a gradient on them and then adjust the curves/the setting of it, how do you do it so its the same for every layer, every time i do a gradient and change the setting it only changes for one layer, its so annoying, and does your photoshop every stop allowing you to do certain commands? like the options are un selectable for almost everything? 

For mine, everything I edit on the first frame affects all the other frames. So try making your settings on the first frame. You can do that or press this little button on the right of the animation window:

And select Match Layer Across Frames, and it’ll make the layer and the settings the same on all layers. :]

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p-i-ka-c-h-u: how do you only gif part of a movie? i can't figure it out 

Once you open your movie File > Import > Video Frames to Layers you hit the dot that says, “Selected Range Only.” That way when you find that one section of the movie you want, hold down the Shift key and press play until you’ve gotten all that you wanted to gif.

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